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Resources to Minimize Disruption During COVID-19 Outbreak 

With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the globe, Veristat wants to assure you that we are monitoring the developing situation and adapting to provide sponsors with the quality clinical development and regulatory services you expect while ensuring the safety of our employees, clients, patients, and communities.  

Whether you need to keep a current program on track, or you are trying to fast-track a COVID-19 diagnostic or treatment we can help you navigate the ever-changing environment. Like you, we understand how overwhelming all the updates can be, so please use the links below to get to the right spot. Bookmark this page now and come back as often as you need.

Keep Your Therapeutic Programs  

First and foremost, we understand that many health authorities, governments and biopharmaceutical companies have shifted their focus on the global pandemic and how to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID-19. However, we can’t dismiss the number of novel therapies currently in development or in the approval process for the multitude of other diseases affecting people worldwide. Based upon new guidance from FDA and other regulatory agencies, we are here to help keep your current programs moving forward and addressing any concerns that may arise.

Our teams are working tirelessly to provide support and answers to many of the questions that current therapeutic developers are facing in this rapidly evolving time. We are happy to talk with you and help you keep your program on track.


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Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine, Diagnostic and Treatment Programs 

Around the globe health authorities, governments, and biopharmaceutical firms are fast-tracking efforts to develop new or utilize existing therapies or platforms to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID-19.   At Veristat, we are poised to plan and implement these efforts quickly providing:     

  • Development of regulatory strategy and agency communications 
  • Program Planning, inclusive of statistical planning and analysis 
  • Agile patient recruitment 
  • Rapid deployment of clinical trial databases  
  • Virtual and remote clinical and medical monitoring 
  • Data analysis, migration and writing of regulatory documents 

We are already working to support COVID-19 trials. On 24 March 2020, we helped a sponsor get their database live for a phase I COVID-19 vaccine trial in 10 business days so they could begin patient enrollment immediately.

And, we’ve successfully done this for the 2014 Ebola and multiple recent pandemic influenza outbreaks. Explore some of our additional relevant knowledge: : 


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